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Luxury accommodation is moving towards the outdoor in creative ways

Date: 2019-07-31

Five-star luxury is no longer a hotel and villa's exclusive domain.In recent years, luxury accommodation has expanded the definition of the scope, now includes everything, from the modified container to the grid dome, and decorated tents, all equipped with indoor function.These all belong to the category of outdoor experiential hotel, this is one of the fastest growing phenomenon of luxury travel.

No fixed serviced luxury accommodation has many benefits.Skift as previously reported, key-2 Luxury Frontiers is one specialized is engaged in the super premium tent camping design consulting company, its founder and chief executive, Luca Franco said, for example, investors in the tent of projects, and other high-end entity counterparts, can produce 20-40% of the revenue, and construction costs can be 50% lower.

Fowler Property Acquisitions subsidiary Highway West holidays created Flying Flags brand, target profit potential and flexibility of outdoor experiential hotel.This model is to provide a variety of alternative in one place accommodation - from the trailer to tents to the little house.At the same time, the American famous glamping company Collective Retreats will also launch a modular and deluxe suites.

Though located in Santa Barbara, over the years, Buellton town is famous for its famous pea soup.But when the 2004 movie "city of the glass of wine (Sideways) before the opening, the town as a gateway to the central California coast wine township of getting some attention again.That same year, Fowler Property acquired the town's most basic rv park.

After years of normal operation, formed the park development for high-end outdoor center hotel concept.Until 2017, when Dan Baumann as Flying Flags Buellton general manager.

By investing millions of dollars to renovate the campsite in the period from 2012 to 2018, now known as Flying Flags RV Resort mixes & campground.Now there are swimming pools, recreational facilities, as well as a variety of accommodation options including small house, hunting tents, balloons, canned ham trailer.All equipment is equipped with a power supply, cable TV, wi-fi and air conditioning.Every night at the weekend house prices range from $200 to $400.

Travel company Visit Buellton executive director Kathy Vreeland said, in the small town has the resort, as well as the development along the road to Buellton industrial enology, brewery and brewery, brought a new kind of tourists.

"Fluttering flags on people and companies are a huge boost.Over the years, they develop high-end products, and achieved great success.Because they raised their game, but also help to improve the image of Buellton town."

Luxury camping new tricks

Another try a variety of accommodation options company is Collective Retreats, the company began operations in 2015.The light assets company does not have any assets.On the contrary, the company reached a deal for many years, and the land owner in a picturesque place luxury luxury tents, including New York, island and Hudson valley, Colorado and Montana Big Sky.In addition to accommodation, each project to provide comprehensive services of food and beverage, guest rooms, 24 hours security and staffing.

At present there are two types of Retreats of tents.Heads of the tent, there is a big bed or twin beds, and a private bathroom.Travel tent can put a double bed or twin beds, you can also share the bathroom.Later this summer, the company will at its Governors Island location to increase individual modular units, this marks the company's brand expansion will beyond the tent.

The so-called Outlook shelter is 300 square feet of custom design modular units, with standard luxury hotel facilities, including the design of interior space in advance, a private suite bathroom with a rain shower, as well as indoor and outdoor living space.

Its chief executive Peter Mack said the "unit will be fully included small footprint" in this land.In addition, he points out, they can also be moved to other places (tents).Therefore, when some parts for winter is closed, it is possible to shift forces to the collective retreat for the warmer climate, such as mountain in Texas.

Mack had Ren Xida starwood hotels and resorts group vice President of product design and innovation, he points out that these types of alternative accommodation appeal lies in the creation of a person with a certain spot stronger ties."Those years working in the hotel, I always have a strong feeling that the traditional hotel experience and can't really relate and you a place.Our brand is rooted in contact with others, places, and their own, because the location of the accommodation in our planning area.Because we are do the tents and other mobile accommodation, we are really able to take advantage of the traditional hotel cannot provide."

Mack and his company to continue to study in accordance with Collective Retreats mode to a new type of accommodation, although he thinks of Collective Retreats is a hotel company, but by providing alternative accommodation, "we is no longer a commodity for travelers, but an opportunity to experience."